Tax Deed Process

If you are a certificate/lien holder and wish to obtain a quote and/or apply for a tax deed, please click here - RealTDA.  All questions pertaining to navigating this site must be directed to RealAuction.

Things you may want to know about the Tax Deed Process

A Tax Deed Application (TDA) (Florida Statute 197.502) is the sale of property for the unpaid taxes, interest and costs of sale. A TDA is initiated by a certificate/lien holder by accessing the RealTDA site when their certificate is 2 years from the date of delinquency and before 7 years from the original issue date. The applicant will earn interest at a rate of 1.5% per month from the month following the month when the tax deed was initiated until the TDA is redeemed or sold.

The tax deed applicant is not guaranteed to obtain the property. The sale is scheduled and conducted by the Highlands County Clerk of Courts Office. You may view ALL properties scheduled for sale on their website at Any questions pertaining to navigating their site or the regulations for participating in a sale should be addressed on the “Contact Us” link on the bottom of their Home Page.