Driver’s License Services

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Our offices provide the following services to all customers.

  • Original Florida Driver Licenses/ID Cards
  • Renewal of Florida Driver Licenses/ID Cards
  • Replacement Florida Driver Licenses/ID Cards
  • Reinstatements

Driver's License/ID services for Out-of-County residents require an appointment.


The following services are available to Highlands County Residents ONLY.

  • Learners Permit Written Exams 
  • CDL Written Exams
  • Driving Tests
  • Medical Driving Tests

All Driving Tests services require an appointment.


Note: Medical Driving Tests, Driving Tests requiring a translator, and Out-of-County Driver's License/ID services are only conducted in the Sebring Office.

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For information on what to bring into our office to get your Driver License please visit the

What To Bring page of the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles website


Original/ Renewal Class E (including Learner’s License)


Original/ Renewal CDL


Original/ Renewal ID Cards






Delinquent Fee (excluding weekends & Holidays)


Knowledge Re-Exam


Driving Skills Re-Exam


*If the Hazmat Endorsement is on your CDL license, there will be an additional $91.00 background check fee in addition to the CDL License fee.

Renewal Periods

For those U.S. Citizens and Immigrants with Permanent Legal Presence, the valid length of a Driver License or ID Card is as follows:

  • Class E Driver Licenses will be valid for 8 years
  • Class A, B, or C (CDL) Driver Licenses will be valid for 8 years
  • Licenses with a Hazardous Materials Endorsement will only be valid for 4 years
  • All Licenses for Customers 80 years of age and older will only be valid for 6 years
  • ID Cards for Children ages 5 to 14 years of age will be valid for 4 years
  • ID Cards for Customers ages 15 years of age and older will be valid for 8 years
  • Non-immigrant Driver License or ID Cards are valid for 1 year or until the expiration of their immigration documents, whichever comes first.

Effective February 8, 2021
You will be required to retake the Class E Knowledge Exam and CDL Exams if:

  • Your CDL has been expired one year or more and you wish to obtain another CDL. The following written exams are required: Class E General Knowledge, once passed you are entitled to take the CDL General Knowledge exam with all knowledge exams required for the CDL class requested. Once the Class E driver license has been issued, you will be eligible to obtain a CLP to schedule the CDL Skill exams required for issuance of the CDL.
  • You are applying for an original Florida CDL and your out-of-state CDL has expired one year or more, the Class E General Knowledge exam and appropriate CDL knowledge and skills exams will be required.
  • You completed your CDL General Knowledge exam and did not obtain your CDL within one year of the exam pass date, the CDL General Knowledge exam retest will be required. Any other CDL knowledge exams that are one year old or older must also be retaken.
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Motorist Services

Driving tests are provided in all of our offices.

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