Important Dates & Deadlines – Motor Vehicles

Your Birthday

  • Renewal of motor vehicle license plate, which expires at midnight of the owners birthday. Renewals are accepted 90 days prior to your birth month. This applies to passenger cars, recreational vehicles, trucks titled in a personal name, small trailers and motorcycles. Private vessel/boat registrations also expire at this time.


  • Registration renewals for commercial trucks that have a half year registration expire on May 31st.


  • Registration of company-owned motor vehicles (under 5,000 pounds) and vessels, in a business name expire midnight June 30th.


  • Decals for mobile homes, that are not assessed as real property, expire midnight December 31st.
  • Registration  renewals of trucks titled in a business name with an empty weight of 5001 lbs or more, privately owned trucks with a gross vehicle weight of 8000 lbs or more, truck-trailers, semi-trailers, nine-passenger and over vehicles for hire are due by December 31st. 
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