Garage/Yard Sale Permits

Garage/Yard Sales in the unincorporated areas of Highlands County are restricted to two (2) during any twelve (12) month period, not to exceed three (3) days in length. A garage/yard sale permit must be obtained before each sale per Highlands County Ordinance 12.08.109(B)(8).

Individual garage/yard sale permits are $10.00, which includes online advertising for the sale. The garage/yard sale advertisement will provide the address, dates, and a general list of items that can be purchased at your sale. The advertisement will then be posted on our website below from the time you purchase the permit until the last day of the sale.

Community garage/yard sales located in a mobile home park, campground, RV park, or residential subdivision that are enforced by a homeowners’ association can obtain one garage sale permit for the entire community. The fee for a community garage sale is $30.00, which includes online advertising for the sale.


Garage/yard sale permits can be purchased through the following ways:

** Please note ** If you have a religious conflict and need to omit one of the days allowed during the 3 day sale time frame, please give us a call or visit our office so that we can try to accommodate you.

All major credit/debit cards are accepted if you are paying online or by phone. We are proud to offer NO FEE e-checks for all payments.

A convenience fee of 2.75%, if paying by credit/debit card, will be assessed by the processing vendor.

Our office does not retain any portion of these fees.

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