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What is The Direct Deposit Program?

The direct deposit program permits electronic deposit of redemption funds into your checking or savings account automatically. You can count on the Direct Deposit Program: to keep you out of long bank lines; to keep your redemption check from being lost or stolen in the mail; to make your redemption funds available to you as fast as possible; and to save you time and money.

How Do I sign up for This Program?

Complete the authorization agreement for Direct Deposit and mail it to:

Highlands County Tax Collector
540 South Commerce Avenue
Sebring, Florida 33870-3867

If tax certificates are owned by more than one person, the signatures of all owners must appear on this form. If a corporation owns the tax certificates; an officer of the corporation must sign the authorization form. Please attach a legible photocopy of your check for checking account deposits or a deposit slip for savings account deposits.

How will I know when you have made a Direct Deposit?

You will receive a notice of tax certificate redemption every time a deposit is processed. The notice will state which tax certificates were redeemed, the face amount, the interest amount, the total amount deposited. Deposits will post within 4 days of getting a notice of redemption as an ACH (Automatic Clearing House) credit to your account.

For Further Information, contact the Financial Operations department at 863-402-6701 or

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