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All persons saltwater fishing in Florida must possess a valid saltwater fishing license, excluding those entitled to the following exemptions:

  1. Any individual under 16 years of age.
  2. Florida residents 65 year of age or older. You must carry your Florida driver’s license or proof of age and residency.
  3. Florida residents fishing in saltwater from land, a structure fixed to land, jettison or licenses fishing pier.
  4. Florida residents who are totally and permanently disabled who have been issued a special permit.
  5. Military personnel who are residents of Florida and are home on leave for a period of 30 days or less and have valid orders in their possession.
  6. Any person fishing from a vessel the operator of which holds a valid saltwater-fishing vessel license (e.g., guide, charter or party boats) or a valid recreational vessel fishing license.

 Other Related Information

Freshwater Fishing Rules and Regulations may be obtained by accessing the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission website. Information on seasons, limits, pictures of fish, and purchasing licenses online are some of the areas accessible.

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