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All Florida boats 16′ or greater in length or any boats used with motors must be titled and registered, and issued a decal, which must be affixed to the PORT side of the boat.

For more up to date Boat Titles/Registration Information call (863) 402-6685

The title fee is from $8.25 to $12.25, lien recording fee is $1.00, transfer of Florida vessel number $1.00, and the registration fee is according to the length of the boat as follows:

Canoes and Motor Boats
Size Price
up to 12ft. $12.75
12 ft to 15 ft. 11 in $23.50
16 ft to 25 ft. 11 in $36.00
26 ft. To 39 ft. 11 in $85.50
40 ft to 64 ft. 11 in $135.00
65 ft. To 109 ft. 11 in $160.00
110 ft. Or over $197.00

Dealer Registration $32.75

Vessel registrations are renewed by birth month.


  • The owner of a new boat must have the manufacture’s statement of origin completed by the seller (dealer/store).
  • Title Application must be completed by the owner.
  • Used boats are transferred by completing Forms #1 and #2 on the title, and if purchased through a dealer, the dealer’s assignment form.
  • If the new owner of a vessel fails to transfer the title within 30 days, there will be an additional $20.00 delinquent fee.
  • If applicable, sales tax must be paid or a Sales Tax exemption form must be completed by the applicant.
  • Proof of ownership on a used boat from a non-title state is the registration.
  • If transfer of ownership is involved, a notarized bill of sale will be required in addition to the registration.
  • A duplicate registration on a currently registered boat may be obtained from the Tax Collectors Office for $2.75.
  • The fee for a duplicate title is $6.50 if title is electronically maintained by the State. An additional fee of $2.50 will apply if paper title is mailed.
  • “Fast Service” is an additional $5.00, and these applications can be processed through the Tax Collector’s Office.


The State of Florida recognizes valid registration certificates and numbers from another state issued to visiting boaters for a period of 90 days on pleasure boats only. A non-resident boater who intends to use his craft in Florida longer than 90 days must register it with the Department of Motorist Services through the County Tax Collector’s Office.


The owners of commercial vessels must register them with the County Tax Collector’s Office. Procedures and fees are the same as on a pleasure boat. There is a $50.00 additional fee for non-residents and aliens.

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